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scented adj
1 having the sense of smell; "keen-scented hounds" [ant: scentless]
2 filled or impregnated with perfume; "perfumed boudoir"; "perfumed stationery"; "scented soap" [syn: perfumed]
3 having a natural fragrance; "odoriferous spices"; "the odorous air of the orchard"; "the perfumed air of June"; "scented flowers" [syn: odoriferous, odorous, perfumed, sweet, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling]
4 (used in combination) having the odor of; "clean-scented laundry"; "a manure-scented barnyard"

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  1. Having a pleasant aroma.

Verb form

  1. Past tense and past participle of scent.

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